General Kriangsak Jamanandana

Dates in Office

Term I:  Assembly XL:  November 11, 1977 - December 21, 1978
Term II: Assembly XLI: May 12, 1979 - March 3, 1980


General Kriangsak Jamanandana was born in Bangkok, on December 17, 1917, son of Mr. Jaem and Mrs. Jua Jamanandana. He later married Khunying Wirat Jamanandana.

He received his formal education at Samut Sakorn Wittayalai School and Pathumkongka School. Then, he went to Chula Chom Klao Cadet Academy, Command and General Staff College, United States of America, Army College and National Defense College (Class V), respectively.

Once in state service, General Kriangsak served, as Commander of Infantry Battalion III, the famous "Little Tiger Battalion", in the Korean War and, later, at the Supreme Command Headquarters. He had rendered outstanding services to the army and was thus granted the title of General.

General Kriangsak Jamanandana was appointed Prime Minister when the State Administration Council, led by Admiral Sangad Chalawyoo, took control of the office from Mr. Tanin Kraivixien.

His greatest achievement was developing better diplomatic relations with neighboring countries, namely, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Moreover, he went to the People's Republic of China and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic to tighten the diplomatic ties with these Communist Superpowers, which helped enhance, in turn, Thai economic relations and potentials. In addition, he also set up the Petroleum Authority of Thailand, Ministry of Science, Technology and Energy and Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University.

General Kriangsak Jamanandana resigned from the position on February 29, 1980, and currently quitted from the politics.

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