Mr. Tanin Kraivixien

Dates in Office

Assembly XXXIX: October 8, 1976 - October 19, 1977


Mr. Tanin Kraivixien was born in Bangkok, on April 5, 1927, son of Mr. Hae and Mrs. Pa-ob Kraivixien. He later married Khunying Karen Kraivixien (Andersen).

He received his formal education first at Suan Kularb Wittayalai School. Then, he studied at the Faculty of Laws, Thammasart University, and received his bachelor, in 1948. Later on, he furthered his law study at London University, and obtained his bachelor, in 1953, before obtaining his Bar Degree from the Grey Inn Bar Academy, United Kingdom, respectively.

Once returned, Mr. Tanin Kraivixien served in the Ministry of Justice, as Assisting Judge, and was gradually given higher responsibility. The last position was Head Judge of Supreme Court. Meanwhile, he held a teaching position at Thammasart University, Chulalongkorn University and the Thai Bar Society.

Mr. Tanin Kraivixien was appointed Prime Minister, when the State Administration Assembly, led by Admiral Sangad Chalawyoo, took control of the office from the government of M.R. Seni Pramoja, on October 6, 1976.

His achievements were various, ranging from constructing twenty hospitals in rural areas, as to commemorate the Crown Prince's Royal Wedding, to volunteering projects.

During his term, he encountered many political crisis. On October 20, 1977, Admiral Sangad Chalawyoo staged the Coup d'Etat and Mr. Tanin Kraivixien was forced to resign from the position. Once free from the politics, he was finally appointed Privy Councillor and remains in the position, up to present.

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