Mr. Pote Sarasin

Dates in Office

Assembly XXVII : September 21, 1957 - December 26, 1957


Mr. Pote Sarasin was born in Bangkok, on March 25, 1905, son of Phya Sarasinswamipakdi (Tianhee) and Khunying Soon Sarasin. He later married Khunying Siri Sarasin.

He received his formal education in the United States of America. Once returned to Thailand, he studied Thai Law and attained the degree from Thai Bar Society, in 1929. Later, he furthered his study in British Law in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Pote Sarasin began his political career, as Senator, in 1947, and was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, in 1948, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, in 1949. He resigned shortly afterwards, over the incidence of Bao Dai South Vietnam Government Conflict.

From 1952 - 1957, he was appointed Ambassador to the United States of America and Permanent Thai Representative to the United Nations. In July, 1957, he was elected Secretary General of SEATO Association.

Mr. Pote Sarasin was appointed Prime Minister on September 21, 1957, after the Coup d'Etat was staged by Field Marshal Sarit Dhanarajata. His main priority was preparing for the clean General Election.

Once the General Election was held, Mr. Pote Sarasin resigned from the position and resumed the post at SEATO. After his long days at work, he was enjoying his time at his mansion in Bangkok, until he passed away peacefully, at the age of 95.

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