Mr. Pridi Banomyong
(Luang Praditmanudhamma)

Dates in Office

Term I : Assembly XV : March 24, 1946 - June 11, 1946
Term II : Assembly XVI : June 11, 1946 - August 21, 1946


Mr. Pridi Banomyong was born in Ayudhya Province, on May 11, 1900, son of Mr. Siang and Mrs. Lukchan Banomyong. He later married Than Phuying Poonsook Banomyong.

He received his formal education first in Ayudhya Province and Ministry of Justice Law School, where he obtained his Bar Degree, at the age of 19.

Then, in 1920, he was granted the scholarship to further law study at Caen University (Master of Law) and at Paris University (Doctor of Law and Certificate of Economics).

While in France, he was elected President of Thai Student Association.

After the graduation, he returned to serve the Ministry of Justice but was later transferred to work, as secretary, in the Law Drafting Department and, as lecturer, in the Ministry of Justice Law School. He was finally granted the title of Luang Praditmanudhamma, in 1929.

Mr. Pridi Banomyong was the key factor to the success of Revolution of June 24, 1932, being in charge of the drafting of the Temporary Constitution. However, in the following year, he was accused of being communist and, thus, went to exile. During the term of General Phya Phahon Phonpayuhasena, he was trialled, proved innocent and was appointed Minister of Interior.

Academically, he was also recognized as the founder of Thammasart University and its first rector.

During the Great War of Asia-Pacific, Mr. Pridi Banomyong was appointed Regent of Rama VIII. He also formed the Free Thai Movement in Thailand, in co-operation with the Free Thai Movement, led by M.R. Seni Pramoja.

Mr. Pridi Banomyong took office as the seventh Thai Prime Minister on March 24, 1946. During his term, King Rama VIII was assassinated and thus, ended his government, on August 21, 1946.

On Novermber 8, 1947, another Coup d'Etat was staged: the government of Rear Admiral Thawal Thamrongnavaswadhi was removed and Mr. Pridi Banomyong went to exile in Malaysia and China, before settling down in France, where he passed away peacefully, of cardiac attack, on May 2, 1983, at the age of 83.

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