Major Kuang Abhayavongsa

Dates in Office

Term I:   Assembly XI:   August 1, 1944 - August 31, 1945
Term II:  Assembly XIV: January 31, 1946 - March 18, 1946
Term III: Assembly XIX: November 10, 1947 - February 6, 1948
Term IV: Assembly XX:  February 21, 1948 - April 8, 1948


Major Kuang Abhayavongsa was born in Battambang, Cambodia, on May 17, 1902, son of Chao Phya Abhayabhubes (Choom Abhayavongsa) Governor of Battambang (a Thai province at that time) and Khunying Rod Abhayavongsa. He later married Khunying Lekha Abhayavongsa.

He received his formal education first at Devasirin School and Assumption College, Thailand. Then, he continued his engineering study at Ecole Centrale de Lyons, France.

Once in Thailand, he served at the Telegraph Department, as Second Chief Engineer. He had been gradually given higher responsibility and was finally appointed Director of the Telegraph Department.

Major Kuang Abhayavongsa was granted the rank of Major, due to the fact that he rendered the special duty of Royal Guard, during Indochinese War of 1941, and was granted the position of Luang Kowitabhayawongsa.

Afterwards, Major Kuang Abhayavongsa was appointed Minister in the governments of Phya Phahon Phonpayuhasena and Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram.

He was finally appointed Prime Minister when the Parliament did not approve Fiel Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram's Act of Provincial Administration of Petchaboon Province and Act of Buddhamonthon Construction.

Major Kuang Abhayavongsa was one of the founders of the Democrat Party and its first Leader. On January 6, 1943, Democrat Party won its landslide victory and he resumed, for the second time, the Prime Ministership.

His greatest achievement was the Proclamation of Peace towards USA and UK, which was cancelled during the last government. Thai diplomatic relations, towards the Allies, were, thus, much improved.

On April 8, 1948, Major Kuang Abhayavongsa was forced to resign from the position, for Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram to resume the position.

He passed away on March 15, 1968, at the age of 66.

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