Phya Manopakorn Nitithada
(Gon Hutasinha)

Dates in Office

Term I:   Assembly I:   June 28, 1932 - December 9, 1932
Term II:  Assembly II:  December 10, 1932 - April 1, 1933
Term III: Assembly III: April 1, 1933 - June 20, 1933


Phya Manopakorn Nitithada (Gon Hutasingsa) was born in Bangkok, on July 15, 1884 (11:20), son of Mr. Huad and Mrs. Kaew Hutasinha. He later married Khunying Manopakorn Nitithada (Nitt Samsen).

He received his formal education first at Wat Rajaburana (Wat Liab) School. Then, he continued at Suan Kularb Wittayalai School, Assumption College, and Ministry of Justice Law School, respectively. Once obtained his bachelor, he was granted Royal Scholarship to further law study at the Middle Temple Law School.

Returned to Thailand, he was assigned to work at the Ministry of Justice, with the title of Luang Praditpicharnkarn. He had been working with devotion and due responsibility and was finally granted the title of Phya Manopakorn Nitithada, Minister of Justice.

In 1918, Phya Manopakorn Nitithada was appointed Privy Councillor of King Rama VII.

On June 28, 1932 (14:00), upon the decree of Act of Temporary Administration of the Kingdom of Thailand, Phya Manopakorn Nitithada was appointed Public Committee President (equivalent to Prime Minister) in the First Assembly of the Committee. He remained in office until December 9, 1932, when the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand was granted by King Rama VII, after which he resumed his office as Thailand's first Prime Minister.

On April 1, 1933, Phya Manopakorn Nitithada left office, when the Royal Decree of Parliament Closure was vigorized, only to be re-appointed for the third time in office, several months later.

On June 20, 1933, General Phya Phahon Phonpayuhasena staged a Coup d'Etat and Phya Manopakorn Nitithada was exiled to Penang. He lived there until his decease, 16 years later, on October 1, 1948, at the age of 64.

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